Delivery Policy

Information about BARAS’s delivery policy when shipping products to customers

1. Shipping Carrier

BARAS is currently partnering with third-party delivery services to ship products to customers.



2. Responsibilities of the Shipping Carrier

Shipping carriers are responsible for ensuring that goods are delivered within the committed time frame.

Carriers must ensure that the goods delivered to customers are not damaged and remain intact as received from BARAS.

In case of delayed delivery or damage during transit, BARAS will directly communicate with the customer and resolve the issue with the carriers, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

3. Delivery and Receipt Documents

On the parcel sent to the customer, the following information will be included: product name, sender and recipient information.

The product price and quantity details in the parcel.

A sales invoice from BARAS and a waybill from the shipping carrier.

Customer Care: 079 970 3210

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