Emori Handbag


Featuring the distinctive “half-moon” accent and stylish cuts made from high-quality imported leather, the Emori Handbag is the perfect combination of aesthetics and fashion individuality every time you step out.


  • Comprehensive 1-year warranty
  • Images produced by Baras
  • Product made in Vietnam
  • Boxed and accompanied by a paper bag upon purchase

Handbags | Emori Handbag for Women | BARAS VIETNAM

On the journey to discover the beauty of fashion, Baras always places quality and meticulousness at the center. The Emori Handbag, with its minimalist yet elegant design, is the perfect companion for modern ladies, making every outfit stand out and boosting confidence on the streets.

Emori Handbag - Baras Vietnam

Soft “Half-Moon” Design with Premium PU Leather

Elegant and Minimalist Design

The standout feature of the Emori Handbag is its “half-moon” shape, accented with stylish cuts. Every time you step out, the Emori Handbag will help women stand out, showcasing their refined and trendy fashion sense.

Emori Handbag - Baras

High-Quality Imported PU Leather

Premium PU leather gives the Emori Handbag a high aesthetic appeal, providing a soft feel for the user and being environmentally friendly, meeting the needs of fashion enthusiasts who care about sustainability. With excellent water resistance, the Emori bag optimally protects all items inside. Compared to genuine leather, PU leather offers similar quality benefits but with greater convenience and easier care, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a combination of beauty, quality, and superior functionality.

Emori Handbag - Baras Vietnam

Adjustable Leather Strap

The strap of the Emori Handbag is designed with adjustable length through a delicately placed buckle, providing maximum convenience. The versatility in carrying options, from shoulder to hand-carry, allows ladies to easily choose a style that suits their situation and outfit. This intelligent design not only enhances the functionality of the Emori Handbag but also elevates personal beauty and aesthetic taste, allowing women to express their unique style and confidence.

Emori Handbag - Baras

Practicality of the Emori Handbag

The Emori Handbag is designed with a large main compartment, accompanied by a secure zipper, to protect all personal items. This convenience ensures that whether you need to carry a phone, wallet, notebook, cosmetics, or other small items, everything can be neatly organized and easily accessible whenever needed.

Emori Handbag - Baras

The meticulously designed zipper enhances safety and contributes to the overall beauty of the bag, providing comfort and peace of mind when you’re out and about.

Optimal Storage Capacity – Secure Zipper


  • Product must retain tags, labels, and original Baras box
  • For defective products or incorrect items received
  • Return period: 7 days from the date of receipt

Emori Handbag - Baras Vietnam


Baras Vietnam is dedicated to providing the highest quality products to our valued customers with passion and commitment. We hope to earn your trust and welcome your support.

Baras extends heartfelt thanks to all of you for giving us the opportunity to accompany you.

Choose the Emori Handbag – Baras women’s handbag – to highlight your fashion style. Order yours today!

Weight300 g
Dimensions22 × 6 × 15 cm


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