Payment Methods

I. I. Direct Payment Method

Customers shopping at the store can make direct payments to the sales staff of BARAS.

In-store direct payment methods:

  • Bank transfer (banking systems in Vietnam)
  • Cash (currency in VND)

II. Online Payment Method

When customers shop online at the BARAS sales system, there are 02 convenient payment methods as follows:

  • Cash on Delivery (COD): Customers will pay directly to the delivery staff upon receiving the goods at the provided address on the order.
  • Bank Transfer: Customers can transfer 50% or the entire value of the order in advance as required. BARAS will base on the transfer information and confirm the order along with the remaining payment value when the customer receives the goods.

For any issues arising during the payment process or if additional support is needed. Please call the customer care hotline from BARAS: 079 970 3210

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