Warranty Regulations

All products under the Baras brand come with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Additionally, after the 1-year period, Baras continues to offer repair services depending on the specific case.

Please call our Customer Care number at 079 970 3210.

Thank you.

Baras would like to inform our customers of the situations where free warranty service will be applied:

  • Products with damage to zippers, locks, hooks, etc., during use.
  • Products with leather discoloration over time. Baras will assist in color restoration.
  • Stitching that has broken or come undone from the original seam.
  • Brand logos that have peeled off or faded.

Please note the following situations where Baras will not support warranty service:

  • Products not distributed by Baras Vietnam.
  • Products exceeding the 1-year warranty period from the date of purchase.
  • Leather peeling or bursting due to improper use and storage.
  • Warranty service requested with a phone number different from the original purchasing phone number.
  • Products torn, cut, or broken due to strong impacts during use.
  • Other cases of product damage not attributable to the manufacturer.

II. Đổi - trả sản phẩm

Baras Vietnam supports product returns within 07 days from the date of purchase, under the following conditions:

  • The product remains intact and is not damaged or peeled.
  • The returned product includes the original box, cards, product tags, accessories, attached gifts, etc.

If the customer does not meet the above conditions, Baras apologizes for not being able to support the return or exchange of the product.

Baras Vietnam does support a trade-in option for purchasing new products.

Please contact our Hotline at 079 970 3210 for assistance.

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